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experimental phessler @phessler

I'm currently writing this from an hosted instance. woot!

(not open to the public!)

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@phessler What kind of resources did you need for that?

I've been meaning to use my cloud OpenBSD system but I'm concerned it's not big enough.

@zigg 2G of ram is basically not enough :/.

some of the bits in node are massive memory pigs.

@zigg for running with only one (idle) user, it's using ~700M of ram and ~1G of disk.

I'm unsure how much resources each user takes, though

@phessler @zigg I remember @wxcafe gathering very precise stats on this. I'm sure he would gladly share the details.

@jaj @zigg

phessler: we're not just doing this for XML
Audience: *looks quizzical*
phessler: we're doing it for a _shitload_ of XML!